The first of lessons I ever got,

‘Listen carefully kid, and forget it not.’

‘There are only two colors that shall paint your life,

Black- when you do wrong, and white for the right.’

But time was the master who laughed and said, ‘Nay!’

‘Look a bit closer – everything is gray.’


Nothing Really Matters

 I was standing in the dissection hall today, when a 

cadaver caught my attention. No one was around it. Its eyes were open, 

skin removed, few organs intact, limbs missing, and muscles showing. If 

there could be any communication between the dead and living, I 

certainly had one today….. 

I wish to be respectful, but since ‘cadaver’ is the only 

noun i know, my apologies. I was told what it is to be alive. Nothing 

but a spark. Its a moment. And how very seriously we take it…..its 

hilarious. Whenever we are done wrong, we become just, and that makes it our 

obligation to take the ‘rightful’ revenge, we are prejudiced, 

negatively opinionated and consider the art of ‘let-it-go’ the biggest 

stupidity ever. When we are done right, we forget to be thankful, let 

alone returning the favor with generosity, because somehow, it hurts our ego, 

lets down our pride…..and how much self obsessed we are. All these things matter so much to us, should they? 

 All life has to end….and 

considering this world, we are ‘lucky’ if we get a proper grave to 

rest….as that is the ultimate thing we will leave, no matter what kind 

of life we spend here. We’ll be lucky, if our bodies get to burst in 

the graves, smell worse than the filthiest toilets, and our flesh be 

eaten by underground terrestrial creatures which we find disgusting. We 

are lucky if we get all this….and not if we become some un-named 

cadavers with our eyes open and staring blankly at some stranger to give 

out such words of wisdom after death. 

Its hilarious how seriously we take life, and its even more ridiculous, 

how the person manages not to actually understand any of the stuff, that 

she has managed to write, right now……its ridiculously hilarious.