beauty of the beast

   There are no fangs, no claws. No horns, not a specter to be seen. Its called devil but who knows, its a beast within. It needs not the night, not in the shadows of apparitions does it crawl. Its whisper, soft as a swish of the sea. Its tread graceful and delicate, with the neck stiff and head high, held by the bones of pride and despise for what lies beneath. With the magic and trickery, it corrupts the soul and it exploits the piety. Fidelity it does not know and sincerity was never its host. Its justice is cruelty. Its command, brutality. Its art is greed. Deception, its trade. From the wine prohibited to the songs of rebellion, its the devil to be blamed. Devil and the children of devil, loathed by all, loved by none.

   I have not drunk the water of madness. I do not sing the songs of truth. I do not dance with my eyes open and still I see it. Its not the devil that i see in the mirror of reflection. Its the beast within. No words are worth the praise deserved by its beauty. Its wits when befriend the curiosity, leads me to forbidden fruits. I have come to respect it for its determination and dedication to the task its been given.

    The angels did not understand me but it was this who became my enemy. Its hatred for me has made me love it. It showed me my anger, my ego, my desires, my weaknesses. Its not lazy, it does not slack. Trapped me in its web and left for me no way but to bow and ask for help. The more it wounded my soul, the more became my thirst for pure. I question no more, why it was created, for i see it now. Its a beautiful creature. Perhaps the most, after the creator Himself.

   With the intensity of the nature of its existence, it makes me understand His love for me. No matter how many times I’m tested, I shall eat the forbidden fruit. Because, unless I do that, I shall not know why its forbidden. And if I do not realize why its forbidden, I shall never know the love of one Who warned me for my good. But He knew that I must eat it, and so created the devil. In the mirrors of reflection, I did not just see myself, I saw a beast within, the one whom I shall never kill.


the thing we call ‘love’

As i sit, thinking what should be written about love, I’m completely lost. From where shall I start? It feels same as trying to pick up a needle from the haystack. Even more, its difficult to define love, as many people confuse it with their likes, wants, possessions and some even make love an excuse to be selfish.
I might be wrong, but from the limited knowledge I have, my understanding of love is that love exists, when the lover refuses to stop loving, even after seeing many flaws in the loved one. Its pure and unconditional. Its non-demanding and unselfish. Its respectful and truly divine.
    With this concept of love, I look around to find, who loves me and whom do I love.
      I think about my friends and wonder, how long will they stand by my side, if I do them wrong? How long will I take it, if I’m not treated right?
      I think about my family. Of course, they love me and I love them too, because we are biologically programmed to love each other. Even then, our parents demand us to become a perfection. We demand our parents to become our safe haven and protect us. Shelter us and feed us. If we don’t live up to our parent’s expectations and if they don’t fulfill their responsibilities, we will end up being disappointed in each other. But of course, love would still be there, because we are biologically programmed to love each other.
       To talk of true love, I find that I do not love any person and no person loves me. We just mimic the mere reflections of love in our lives. But then, from where did we learn to mimic the love’s reflection? Who created love?
          Who can, but the Creator of all. Like Him, His love for the mere creation is the only true love that exists. Love, which does not demand, is never disappointed and He refuses to stop loving His creations even when knowing our countless flaws. Praise be to Lord. The Creator. The Truth.