You could read my mind,

in a blink of an eye.

Oh my treasured friend,

what blessing to have you by.

I knew you once,

I knew you so well.


And then a queer moment of delusion.

We solemnly parted, without goodbye.

Your resolute indifference, my becoming blase’,

which was worse? I could never decide.

Suns kept setting, with no regrets.

Your reminiscence too, a tale gone by.


On Wednesday last,

I saw this lad.

With a cheerful smile,

he had nodded his head.

‘Who are you?

Have we ever met?’



My Friend Is Dead!

   A friend is dying. I want to help. She says she is miserable, disappointed, depressed. She does not need consolations. I don’t know how to help. So I just listen. I want her to let it out. I listen with patience. Her miseries, her troubles and things she never got.

      I listen and do not realize, I’m being manipulated all the time. I listen and do not realize, she was being selfish all the time. I believed she was sensitive, but did not know, her self obsession, her lack of concern for everything and everyone, her blind eye.

      I’m not sure if she ever was a friend to me anymore. I’m not sure, if I ever had a friend. My friend is dead!!