my friend, I’m loving you……

    I have seen you around quite a lot of times. I have known you for quite a lot of time, yet we never met before. Now that we have met. Now that I’m getting to really know you. Now that I see you… friend, I’m loving you.

   I pray for you. Like your company. Glad to have you around. You are not perfect, and still I like you. Its your honesty that makes me trust you and I wish for you all that is the best there ever can be. I like to hear you laugh and to see you smile. I want you to be always happy and that is how I know my friend, I’m loving you.




tragedy of a strong person who lost faith

sweet, sour, salt

exuberance, expectations, enthusiasm

foundation, faith, freedom

impudence, illusions, irony

me, man, mirror

love, lust, lost

trust, truth, tragedy

blow, bent, broken

lessons, life, learned

prayers, poetry, patience

struggle, strength, success

cold, confined, composed

reverence, resolved, reward

memory, misery, melancholy

dream, depth, death

here, heaven, hell

goodness, guilt, gone…

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Maybe, people brain wash us that we need them more than we actually do. Maybe, we should be taught more about not being pests than being afraid of being alone. Maybe,we should learn to let go of people before they let us go. Maybe, I’m right. I hope so.