He was bored to the bone

Never picked up his phone

Said he would talk to nobody

Plug out the speakers of your party

He was bored to the bone

Lazy hours went by too soon

Got up and on a long holiday

Big Daddy’s credit card could pay

There was silence in the crowds

His ears bursting inside out

New language hit the town

The world got upside down

He’s a wasted, lazy log

He ain’t got no paying job

Mama’s searching a rich doll

Happy to marry her slob

He was bored to the bone

Did nothing but whine and groan

Youth is wasted on the young

A case of philosophers’ syndrome


An Insipid Case Of A Taciturn Fellow


The more that is said, the more is lost

Elucidate, and the meaning dies

Here each speaks to mark a higher point

Each in delusion of superior insight

So speak to me not, not today my friend

My diffident conceit, I have to tend

For what’s it worth, another word?

Among a hundred-thousand cries?

honestly speaking…

To tell the truth truthfully and not just say something and then pretend its the truth, so much that I eventually may start deceiving myself  to believe that it is but truth, is a difficult thing to do. But, honestly speaking; I would not as much as lift a finger if I were to do anything solely for myself. Its not because I can’t; even though laziness happens to be my favorite to exercise as well as most despised sport, it can always be overcome with a little will power and reasoning with myself. What actually yields this miserably hopeless state is the fact that I am naturally content with nothing-ness.

This probably means nothing but I am content with not giving this excuse any more weight than what it already carries…and that too is nothing.


Some Words

“Once there was; once there wasn’t.

    A long time ago, in a land not far away, when the sieve was inside the straw, the donkey was the town crier, and the camel was the barber……when I was older than my father so that I rocked his cradle on hearing his cry…..when the world was upside down and time was a cycle that turned around and around so that the future was older than the past and the past was as pristine as newly sowed fields…..

    Once there was; once there wasn’t. God’s creatures were as plentiful as grains and talking too much was a sin, for you could tell what you shouldn’t remember and you could remember what you shouldn’t tell”.

-An excerpt from ‘The Bastard of Istanbul’.


the opportunist

  I have observed this quite often that the principally ‘right’ actions done under unfavourable circumstances become ‘wrong’, where as the ‘wrong’ things done under favourable circumstances become perfectly ‘right’.

   An idealist will argue that it is the power of the convictions of actions that make the circumstances favourable or unfavourable, where as a realist may at times give in to the hands of circumstances to bless the actions the character of being right or wrong.

   Luckily, I have lately become an opportunist.


my friend, I’m loving you……

    I have seen you around quite a lot of times. I have known you for quite a lot of time, yet we never met before. Now that we have met. Now that I’m getting to really know you. Now that I see you… friend, I’m loving you.

   I pray for you. Like your company. Glad to have you around. You are not perfect, and still I like you. Its your honesty that makes me trust you and I wish for you all that is the best there ever can be. I like to hear you laugh and to see you smile. I want you to be always happy and that is how I know my friend, I’m loving you.



tragedy of a strong person who lost faith

sweet, sour, salt

exuberance, expectations, enthusiasm

foundation, faith, freedom

impudence, illusions, irony

me, man, mirror

love, lust, lost

trust, truth, tragedy

blow, bent, broken

lessons, life, learned

prayers, poetry, patience

struggle, strength, success

cold, confined, composed

reverence, resolved, reward

memory, misery, melancholy

dream, depth, death

here, heaven, hell

goodness, guilt, gone…

Dry Leaf Wallpapers



Maybe, people brain wash us that we need them more than we actually do. Maybe, we should be taught more about not being pests than being afraid of being alone. Maybe,we should learn to let go of people before they let us go. Maybe, I’m right. I hope so.