Its not one world with countless beings. Its One being and the countless worlds

  I was too young to remember the first time I had thought that, ‘What if I find out that everything I see and everything I hear, is not the same as what others see and what others hear?’ Every time such a creepy idea came to my mind, I would shake my head and distract myself with anything that regular kids do.

   But, I never got rid of this particular thought. Some things have a way of keep coming back.  The only difference is that the idea is not so creepy any more. ‘Perspective’ is the friendlier term for this concept. Why should I be afraid to know that not everyone is seeing things the way I do? Why does it have to be such a bad thing? Maybe, it is so because we are naturally afraid to be alone and to accept this idea means to accept that we are after all ‘alone’.

  I have started accepting this idea for quite a while now and what I have found is not loneliness but solitude.


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