rocks and air

  From the first birth of a man to the descent of generations. Tales of prophets and men who believed in myths. When Rome was god walls of Babylon were high and streets of Jerusalem bathed in holiness and blood. When Aristotle sat under the high skies and inspired in young Alexander  to be greater than Achilles, to conquer the end of the world. The dust of Ibne Battuta and Marco Polo’s trails hung in the air, to be discovered again.

  So much laughter. So many cries. Such festive celebrations and what great mourning. All under the big blue sky. So many wars and heroes, who set out for glory and whatever they achieved was taken. Destroyed in a whim. To be built again.

 So many lived as Darius. Some died beggars. Some found meanings and some created illusions. But, what matters for they have all lived and died, to be replaced by those who shall die some tomorrow.

  What outlived God’s best creation is air and rocks. How worthless, to be walked over by ants and humans. How mighty, to have remained to witness all the tales from the time of timelessness. These rocks and air….how indifferent towards life!  

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