you name it…..

     More than once, it has happened to me, that some thing happens and I just know that it has happened before. But, I can’t tell when, and under what circumstances exactly. Such a thing is known commonly as ‘deja vu’, which in French means ‘already seen’.

  I remember reading a novel once in which the hero experiences just the same thing and he goes to a saint. The saint tells him about the mirror universe and things about meta-physical world, which was frankly beyond my comprehension. But, the idea was that deja vu happens when your soul communicates with another you living in the mirror universe. The whole idea was much like a fantasy. I also do confess it, rather shamelessly, that I have fancied myself as someone like Keanu Reeves from ‘the matrix’ at that time.

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It was indeed a pleasure to think that I have access to something that mostly people don’t and I had every reason to believe in it. I have always been a sensitive, caring and a compassionate person (now, don’t laugh, because I also don’t lie), so the heavens must have bestowed me with this gift. Fair enough!

   I could have happily spent more years thinking that I am gifted but just a few days back, I happened to read a conversation thread on a social site, where the same topic was under discussion. At the end of the day I found out that deja vu is nothing more than a memory trick. It happens when there is overlapping of a short term memory with the long term memory for a brief time. Cherry on the cake is,  psychologists take it as a mental illness.

  My grief and pain is not to be put in words for my inner Keanu Reeves has died, the ‘gift’ turned out to be a symptom of a mental illness, the saint and the hero of that novel both were psycho maniacs, and now I shall be reading ‘veronika decides to die’.


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