the thing we call ‘love’

As i sit, thinking what should be written about love, I’m completely lost. From where shall I start? It feels same as trying to pick up a needle from the haystack. Even more, its difficult to define love, as many people confuse it with their likes, wants, possessions and some even make love an excuse to be selfish.
I might be wrong, but from the limited knowledge I have, my understanding of love is that love exists, when the lover refuses to stop loving, even after seeing many flaws in the loved one. Its pure and unconditional. Its non-demanding and unselfish. Its respectful and truly divine.
    With this concept of love, I look around to find, who loves me and whom do I love.
      I think about my friends and wonder, how long will they stand by my side, if I do them wrong? How long will I take it, if I’m not treated right?
      I think about my family. Of course, they love me and I love them too, because we are biologically programmed to love each other. Even then, our parents demand us to become a perfection. We demand our parents to become our safe haven and protect us. Shelter us and feed us. If we don’t live up to our parent’s expectations and if they don’t fulfill their responsibilities, we will end up being disappointed in each other. But of course, love would still be there, because we are biologically programmed to love each other.
       To talk of true love, I find that I do not love any person and no person loves me. We just mimic the mere reflections of love in our lives. But then, from where did we learn to mimic the love’s reflection? Who created love?
          Who can, but the Creator of all. Like Him, His love for the mere creation is the only true love that exists. Love, which does not demand, is never disappointed and He refuses to stop loving His creations even when knowing our countless flaws. Praise be to Lord. The Creator. The Truth.


5 thoughts on “the thing we call ‘love’

  1. hmm, well, In case of God, we are also expecting stuff to happen, sometimes we are granted our wishes and sometimes we are held back from them…We accept it because we have such strong faith in God that every good or bad thing comes from Allah’s will so we stay content with it…Then I wonder if that is so , why we blame each other at some point of our lives? As you mentioned about love “Its pure and unconditional. Its non-demanding and unselfish. Its respectful and truly divine.” well, these qualities Only Allah can possess because at some point of our lives we are vulnerable because we are not perfect… The key, in my opinion, is to still fall in love despite even all the imperfections in each other, Fall in love with your parents, family, friends, your spouse, your hair dresser and everyone 😀 This is the purpose of life Allah bestowed on us! If Allah can ignore so many of our mistakes then why we can’t rise above than that and fall in love??

    • its wonderful if you are able to fall in love with your life and everything it has to offer, but yes, personally i find it difficult to do so….and i am not proud of it.

  2. Well, I remember once someone told me how hard it was, to love Him, to love the Creator.. For He tests it, and His tests are as Great as He is. I know nothing of what that true love is, for I am too meager to consider myself worthy, but if we love His creation… maybe we can be close enough ter understand what loving means..
    And this is coming from mouth of a true cynic=D

  3. I believe that God loves fully, while we love partially, as a reflection of God’s love for us. But even though we only ever can love partially, we can keep loving more and more. If God’s love is infinite, and our love comes from God, then our love can always grow greater, even if it never reaches the perfection of God.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

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