Confused, Eh?

                                           when the thoughts roll

Much as I am interested in debates and discussions, I’m mostly contended watching people talk on different issues and then take home something to think about. About two months back, Rawalian Debating Order announced the topics for declamation for annual debating event.There was one topic which I found pretty interesting, ‘The Real Problem’.
There could be so much to talk about it yet nothing seemed to hit the nail since the topic was pretty vague. Nonetheless it was an important issue. So, after much brainstorming with a real good friend, Ammara Javaid, on what could be the real problem that is causing all the problems in the world……we two reached on two very different conclusions.
To me, the real problem in this world is the lack of confusion, lack of doubts. This concept was ingrained in my mind mainly by the saying of Bertrand Russell that, ”The trouble with the world is that fools are cock-sure and wise so full of doubts”. Once i started looking around, the idea seemed pretty much justified.
For an instance, if only Israel and Palestine get confused, the incidents like war on Ghaza strip will not take place again. If the Afghan mujahideens and the tax-payers of the west, who are actually paying for the cost of war-on-terror become confused that maybe, this war is not bringing them any closer to God or humanity then this continuous, worthless bloodshed can be stopped right now. If only India and Pakistan become confused regarding their conflicts then along with many other problems, the Kashmir problem will not remain such a problem, as it has been so for the past more than half a century.The problems of poverty, corruption and lack of opportunities are all the consequences of the problems present in the system in which we are living. System which is failing and needs reforms.If only the bureaucracy and army of Pakistan become confused regarding their conflicts, many reforms can be easily brought up in our system. If we are confused as a nation, we can make our political leaders end the blame games and practically do something for the country.
From the level as big as world wars, to the level of religious and sectarian violence, to the level as little as divorcing couples, it is the lack of confusion and lack of doubts that is the real problem. Einstein had said, ” we can never solve problems using the same thinking with which we first created them”. With alot of confusion, ‘conflicts’ can prove to be the source of bringing different groups together, strengthening their communication, and increasing their level of objectivity towards the goals. And then, together, they’ll find many new questions and face many new problems which they might have been ignoring before. But, life is not a problem- we call it ‘experience’.
Before giving declamation on this topic, I wasn’t much concerned about winning or losing. I just wanted to make atleast one person from the audience understand the idea i wanted to convey. I lost the competition. But after the declaration of results, a girl from the audience came to me and said she really liked my views. Technically I had lost, yet I was successful. This is a funny world we live in….or maybe not. I don’t know….I’m confused!!


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